Pain Relief Institute

The Wave of the Future in Pain Management is now available at Glenview Town Center.  

When a physical condition or injury affects mobility or quality of life, there is one goal:  A rapid return to every-day activities pain-free. Our pain relief center is proud to be on the cutting edge of medical innovation and technology by providing the very best in-patient care. Many of our patients come to us for lingering pain following failed joint and back surgery.

If you still suffer from pain and are tired of living life this way, it is time to make a change. For pain management in Glenview, we offer conservative pain management, non-invasive laser therapy, gel injections for knees and shoulders, non-surgical alternatives to surgery, physical therapy, vertigo/balance therapy and more. Whether you visit us for an acute injury, chronic pain or a non-surgical alternative you can be assured we are using the most cutting-edge technology to get you back on your feet in as little amount of time as possible.

The Length Of Your Recovery Time Is Something You Will Notice Right Away. Our Treatments Are FAST, WORK QUICKLY, and is The MOST SIMPLE PROCEDURE You Can Do To Relieve Pain. It is also said to be the most effective according to our patients. Same Day Pain Relief is what we strive for.

1859 Tower Drive, Glenview, Illinois 60026, United States

(847) 220-4536